Business Introducers (BIs)

Become a Finexo Business Introducer

As an all-inclusive plan for introducing your customers or contacts to the profitable Forex and CFD markets, Finexo’s Business Introducer program provides you with first-class services, full back-office support, real-time account statements and a dedicated team of partnership specialists.

From the moment you take advantage of this program you can start focusing on what you do best: developing and expanding your own customer base!

Generous Rebates and On-Demand Account Access

Finexo Business Introducers receive generous rebates on client turnover and/ or rebates for each successful client introduction. At all times you have live access to real-time commission statements in order to accurately track the profits your connections are generating for themselves… and your bottom-line!

Superior Trading Conditions and Cutting-Edge Platforms

By maintaining conditions which create a successful trading experience – from high leverage to extremely tight spreads and immediate execution – when you become a Finexo Business Introducer you can rest assured your connections can take advantage of market opportunities by utilizing one or all of Finexo’s cutting-edge platforms.

Become a Business Introducer

Whether you’re an experienced trader or are new to the market, our team of Partnership Specialists are ready to help you get started, step-by-step.

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