Finexo AutoTrader

Finexo AutoTrader allows you to use proven trading strategies in real-time.

  • Use fully-automated trading functions with proven strategies
  • Trade with Proven Strategies in Real-Time
  • Simulate Strategy Performance Before Execution
  • View complete trading activity (history, trades, etc.)
  • Generate returns while you're away from the platform
  • Filter strategy list for easy selection

To get familiar with the platform you can Click Here. If you’d like to read about the platform, download the Finexo AutoTrader manual (English PDF).

If you're ready to trade, Open a Live Finexo AutoTrader Account. If you prefer to practice first, trade risk-free with a Practice AutoTrader Account!

Mirror Trading

Finexo AutoTrader allows Forex traders to use other traders' strategies (mirroring) in order to generate profits.

To take advantage of Mirror Trading you simply select and add strategies to your portfolio - Finexo AutoTrader automatically executes and manages orders according to the parameters you choose as pre-determined by your chosen strategy.