Finexo MobileTrader

Finexo Mobile Trader - everything you need when you are away from your computer, the application provides access to the markets straight from your mobile phone!

Login to Finexo Mobile Trader

Finexo Mobile Trader works with all browser-enabled Smartphones (iPhone, Android-based, Blackberry Version 6).

To login to the Finexo Mobile Trader, simply use this link:

Features and Functions

When logging in, you have an option to login to your Demo Account or Live Account. Choose which account you want to log into and then proceed.


After logging in you will reach the Homepage of the Market Mobile Trader – from here you can navigate to various sections of the application, such as:

  1. Orders
  2. Positions
  3. Balance (My Account)
  4. Settings (Language)

Orders Page

In the Orders Page you can open new positions via Market Order or Pending Orders, simply by choosing the desired tab:

  • Market Order – to open a market order, choose the desired Instrument and the Amount of lots you wish to buy, and then click Buy or Sell. Before buying or selling, you can also set Stop-Loss (S/L) or Take Profit (T/P) orders.
  • Pending Orders – opening a Pending Order is the same as opening a Market Order – choose your desired Instrument and Amount. Then choose the type of Pending Order (Buy Limit / Sell Limit / Buy Stop / Sell Stop) and the price you wish to enter the trade at.

Finally, click Place.

Positions Page

From the Positions Page you can access the following:

  • Open Positions Tab – view all your open positions and modify or close them via the edit/ close buttons.
  • Closed Positions Tab – view your closed positions.
  • Pending Orders Tab – view all your pending orders and modify or delete them via the edit/ delete buttons.

Account Balance (My Account)

In the balance page, you can see all the account information you need such as: Balance, Equity, Margin, Free Margin and Margin Level.

Settings (Language)

From the settings page, you can choose the desired language you wish to operate in. Simply choose your language of operation from the drop-down menu and click Save.