Trading Products

Access Global Financial Markets

With a daily turnover of over 5 Trillion Dollars, the Global Financial Markets provide unlimited revenue-streams for Forex and CFD traders all across the world.

Your Finexo Advantage Includes

  • Up to 200:1 Leverage
  • Ultra-tight Spreads
  • Immediate and Reliable Execution
  • Dedicated Dealing Desk

Financial Instruments


    Considered the most liquid market in the world, Generate Profit from the trading of both Major and Minor currency pairs – from the ever-popular EUR/USD and GBP/USD to minor pairs such as the USD/SEK and USD/ZAR.

    Trade Forex
  • GOLD

    Considered a “safe-haven” commodity, in recent years, the price of Gold has broken countless records and has become one of the most popular trading instruments.

    Trade Gold
  • OIL

    Notoriously sensitive to market events, Oil has become another go-to commodity for aggressive traders since market volatility creates many opportunities.

    Trade Oil

    With Leverage of up to 100:1 and Spreads as low as 0.5 USD, Trade Major Indices and Profit from the rise and fall in value of Global Exchanges!

    Trade Indices

    Unlike trading stocks directly through an Exchange, you can trade stocks with Finexo and use up to 20:1 leverage to instantly magnify your trading power.

    Trade Stocks

    From Sugar to Corn to Coffee and more, commodities are day-to-day products which you can trade without actually having to physically own the product.

    Trade Commodities